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Protecting Your Home From Mice

There are plenty of pests to watch out for, particularly as the temperatures begin to rise, but do you know which ones are most common in Southern Alberta? Rodents, bugs and other creepy crawlies will attempt to venture indoors, seeking food, shelter and water and can become a big problem in a short span of time. Here are the common pests you need to watch out for this spring if you live in Southern Alberta!

They’re a buzz kill to any picnic or luncheon and not just because they’re annoying. Flies, such as fruit flies, house flies, blow flies and more, are attracted to the smell of decaying organic matter and will often breed in these areas and can carry a multitude of diseases and germs. Garbage, drains, compost piles and oversaturated plant soil are all prime places for different types of flies to multiply and turn into a buzzing issue quickly. To prevent them in your home, replacing screens, cleaning out drains, fixing leaks and removing garbage or debris is a good place to start!

Though they’re fuzzy and adorable in cartoons, having to deal with rodents in your home or office is far less cute. Squirrels, mice, bats, voles, pocket gophers and more might find your property to be a perfect place to nest and raise a family. For the critters that will try to come inside, make sure you fix any holes or possible entry points around utility hookups, chimneys, overhangs, windows and doors. Rodents love hiding under clutter so stacks of newspapers, clothing, tires, boxes etc. should be kept to a minimum. Keep your firewood away from your front door to stop those fast little rodents from following you in!

The worst kind of drinker at the party, mosquitos are a particularly annoying pest to deal with in large numbers. Twenty to forty-four different species of mosquito call the Calgary region home and they can carry West Nile encephalitis which can cause inflammation of the brain and can potentially be fatal. Spraying the parts of your yard that are breeding grounds for mosquitos is the best way to control the population and eco-friendly varieties of this pest control are available!

House Moth
They’re harmless and follow the light, but house moths can attract other predator pests, such as bats or spiders. They feed on fruits, cereals and grains, rotting wood, textiles and most other dry foods in your pantry. If you find evidence of moth activity in clothes or linens, freeze them! House moths hate the pheromones found in cedar and you can spray your home with this scent to help deter them!

These are of course just some of the pests you’ll find frequent in the Southern part of our province, but there are plenty more to keep your eyes peeled for. Raccoons, skunks, wasps and hornets, cockroaches, ants and more can attempt to make your home theirs. If you’re dealing with any of these pests, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403.262.1666, but even if you’re not dealing with a current pest problem, we encourage you to book an inspection! Get in touch with us today!