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Tree Spraying in Calgary

Not all bugs that are seen lounging on leaves and branches are there to cause harm to your trees.  Some play a vital role in maintaining a healthy environmental balance and are advantageous to your yards overall health.  But then there’s the flip side of the coin that involves the uninvited and unwanted presence of insects whose intentions are not honorable as they put their own greedy needs before the health of trees and shrubs.  Whether it’s chewing insects, sucking or boring insects – the reality is that trees are a target for certain pests – and once they make a beautiful healthy tree their new abode, the result can be fatal.

Calgary Pest Management CompanyOne Man and a Ladybugprovide landscape pest control services which includes spraying of trees with environmentally conscious products at specific times.  Paying attention not to over-treat a tree or shrub and upset the delicate balance of beneficial pest versus invader – this Extermination and Pest Control Firm explains why it’s necessary to treat tree insects – and why it’s best to sometimes embrace them.

Tree Spraying is performed to control certain insect’s activity.  Chewing, or Defoliating insects, can strip a tree of its foliage in no time – weakening the trees defenses by starving it of energy.  Beetles and Caterpillars – a couple of common ‘chewing insects’ – are often responsible for the demise of a homeowners favorite tree, so monitoring their numbers is essential to a trees protection.  Keeping a tree healthy gives it a much better chance of surviving an insect attack – using physical barriers to control the movement of insects up and down the stem of the tree and selective spraying when necessary can disrupt the life-cycle of the insect and stop the destructive of foliage.

Boring or Burrowing insects are probably the most destructive – as they tunnel in to the center of a tree and lay eggs which hatch in to larvae and suck the moisture and life force out of a tree.  Prevention of boring insects is key to a trees survival, and involves proper maintenance of trees with pruning, watering and fertilizing, as once insects become present – protecting the health of a tree becomes increasingly more difficult.

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