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Proper Cleanup of Mouse Droppings

You’ve noticed some small dark droppings around your home – and maybe when you pull out your stove or fridge you’re surprised to see an excess of mouse droppings.  Obviously your first instinct is to get rid of these droppings as fast as possible – but slowing down and taking some necessary steps to ensure droppings are removed safely will ensure that both your health and your home remain in good condition.

Mouse droppings contain the Hantavirus – a virus that does not make mice sick, but can cause humans to become ill if they come in contact with urine or droppings.  Causing flu-like symptoms – the Hantavirus attacks the pulmonary system – causing breathing problems that can result in death.  Humans who contract the virus have been exposed to the droppings, urine or saliva of mice – often not realizing its damaging effects and that the virus is responsible for a fifty percent mortality rate.

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Experts at One Man and a Ladybug caution home and business owners in handling rodent droppings – recommending not attempting to clean up the droppings, unless you have the necessary masks, gloves and cleansers available.  Pest Control Experts in Calgary know exactly how to handle a mass of mice droppings and explain that the first step is to not do anything that will increase the production of dust or aerosol activity from the droppings.  Wet cleaning of rodent droppings is essential to keep dust particles to a minimum – this is especially important in warehouses, barns and structures that naturally collect dust.  Always wear a dust mask, long-sleeved clothing and rubber gloves if you are going to remove the droppings yourself – though professional removal of mouse droppings is highly recommended to prevent risk of exposure to virus infected feces.

One Man and a Ladybug suggest contacting a Calgary Pest Management Firm if a large amount of rodent droppings are discovered.  The amount of droppings reflects the size of infestation and should be handled professionally to ensure that both the mice and droppings are addressed.  If you think your home or office premises has a mice infestation – contact One Man and a Ladybug today 403.262.1666