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Common Reasons For Pest Control in Calgary

‘Pest Control refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, usually because it is perceived to be detrimental to a person’s health’. 

There’s no disputing that Pest Control in Calgary is a necessary and in demand service – not only to prevent health concerns to humans but to prevent or stop the damage pests can inflict on homes, workplaces, and the environment as a whole.  Common pests in Calgary have no problem wreaking havoc on concrete, drywall, electrical wires and vegetation – creating many an unsightly setting, and causing potential hazards such as fire and disease.  Calgary Pest Control companies are equipped and trained to address all manner of pests that may be affecting your day to day living – so don’t delay in contacting a Pest Control service in Calgary as today’s little pest may become tomorrow’s infestation.

Calgary Pest Control
Pest Control Companies in Calgary
are experienced in handling unwelcome house guests such as – Mice, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Beetles, Wasps, Ants and Spiders  – guests who, if left undisturbed, can take over a home or building and create a breeding ground for illnesses that effect people and cause major expenses in repairs due to destruction of structures. Trained Pest Control Technicians at One Man and a Ladybuga Calgary Pest Control company – are able to both diagnose and treat all manners of pest infestation, quickly, effectively, and affordable.  Whether it’s taking care of mice or ants, or spraying your valuable trees and shrubs to treat unwelcome bugs, this Calgary Pest Control and Extermination service is knowledgeable and experienced in managing all pest situations.

Not all bugs or pests require control – some are actually beneficial to our environment and part of the larger eco picture – so employing the expert skills of a Calgary Pest Management service will avoid unnecessary dollars being spent and time being wasted. Pest Control in Calgary involves controlling the immediate environment that the pest survives and thrives in. With a clear understanding of pest(s) lifecycle and behavior within an environment – a plan of control can be established and monitored to ensure the situation is handled successfully.  Pest Control services in Calgary encourage preventative actions being taken – no foods kept out on counter-tops, pet food to be kept in the house, keep a tight lid on trash, and clean up clutter such as stacks of newspapers and cardboard – to help detract pests from your location.  Pests are like humans in that they need shelter, food, and water.  The best prevention is Starve them Out – Dry them Out – Keep them Out.  Remember that a mouse can squeeze through a gap less than a ¼ inch wide – so be sure to seal all openings and cracks around your home or office building.

Bed Bugs in Calgary
Calgary Pest Control and Extermination services are kept busy handling the growing concern of bed bugs. 
Thought to be a pest of the past; bed bugs are alive and well due to the increase of dense population in apartment buildings and condominium projects in Calgary.  On a month to month basis hundreds of infested mattresses are transported from apartment building to apartment building by unknowing individuals.  Bed Bugs in Calgary are hard to detect (apart from obvious blood spots on bedding) but can become a real burden to those sharing space with them.  One Man and a Ladybug Pest Control service in Calgary is able to provide extermination services for all your home or commercial pests.  Using chemicals that are environmentally, human and pet friendly, this Pest Control company is available  24 hours a day to address pest concerns.  Don’t let pests be un-paying roommates – call a Calgary Pest Control company today – and let them take care of what’s bugging you.

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This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+