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Bed Bugs in Calgary

Pest Control and Extermination services in Calgary are all too familiar with the pesky problem of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs are an issue the world over, due in-part to their elusive, hard to detect nature, and ability to hitch a ride on unsuspecting international travelers and nomadic mattresses. Having sucked the blood out of many a sleeping target for thousands of years (1990’s archeologists discovered fossilized bed bugs while excavating a 3,550 site in Egypt) the amount of Bed Bug calls to Calgary Pest Control companies is on the rise.

Calgary Pest Control of Bed Bugs
Bed Bug presence has increased around the world – especially since the use of certain pesticides – DDT, Chlordane, Diazinon – were banned in the 1980’s due to adverse side-effects in humans.
A bug that had been nearly unseen for 30 years has clawed its way back in to the lime light while everyone was dozing. So what action can you take if you suspect that Bed Bugs have taken up residence in your Calgary home?

Bed Bugs are small in size so often go unnoticed.  If you’re waking in the morning to discover itchy welts on your body, small blood spots on your bedding, and think you’ve spied some small bugs – chances are you have Bed Bugs.  Becoming more common in apartment and condominium buildings, due to the increased activity of people moving in and out with affected furniture and luggage, this small annoying bug feeds on human blood and is able to go undetected by hiding out in tiny cracks and grooves.  Though aggravating and stressful to those who are dealing with an infestation, Bed Bugs do not carry any known diseases that affect humans, but may initiate an allergic response in some individuals.

If you suspect that your Calgary home is infested with Bed Bugsthe first step would be to contact a Calgary Pest Control company who is trained and experienced in handling Bed Bug activity.  Don’t be tempted to move your belongings to a friend’s place as this will only allow the infestation to spread to another home.  It’s important to mention that Bed Bugs love to live on clothing so make sure you follow your Calgary Pest Control service’s instructions for eliminating bugs from your personal items – which may include washing suitable fabrics in a hot wash and then placing them in the dryer on the hottest cycle for 30 minutes.  Your Calgary Pest Control service will give you specific instructions that are designed to both eliminate and prevent further infestations.

One Man and a Lady Bug is a Calgary Pest Control and Extermination company that is trained in the recognition and control of Bed Bugs. Their 24 hour pest control service means quick and efficient handling of whatever is bugging you.  To help this Calgary Pest Control company make an accurate assessment of any pest activity – pick up all clothing and items lying on bedroom floors and place items in sealed plastic bags.  If your infested rooms are cluttered it makes it harder for Pest Control services to do their job. Bed Bugs are found in couches and other upholstered furniture so regular vacuuming – with proper disposal of the vacuum bag – will help prevent the spread of Bed Bugs in Calgary. Once a Pest Control company in Calgary has made an accurate diagnosis the treatment usually involves spraying of harbourages.  The spray is pet and human friendly and has some residual activity to prevent re-infestation, however more than one spraying may be required.

Steps To Prevent Bed Bugs in Calgary

  • Wash all bedding, linens, curtains and throws on a regular basis on a hot wash and dry cycle
  • Vacuum fabric headboards and other upholstered furniture – dispose of the vacuum bag by placing it in a sealed plastic bag
  • Vacuum mattresses regularly and if you have a hand steamer – don’t be afraid to steam your mattress if recommended by manufacturer
  •  Purchase a zippered mattress cover for ‘dust-mites’ and ‘allergens’ – use after you have cleaned your mattress
  • Avoid purchasing used furniture if you do not know the history of the item

Contact a Calgary Pest Control company for further information on Bed Bugs – they’ll make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

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This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+