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Protect Your Home by Keeping Mice Away

Oh sure when we talk of mice it’s more pleasant to think of the cute little mouse who got a starring role in The Green Mile – stealing our hearts with its tricks and domesticity.  But really – have you ever met a mouse that warmed your heart and made you want to play foster parent?  We can’t hear you but we know there is a resounding Never! being shouted at computer screens right now.

Why Do Mice Venture Indoors?
Calgary Pest Control Professionals at One Man and a Lady Bug
understand exactly how a family of mice make most people feel.  Whether you’ve discovered them through droppings, destruction of bags of flour and cereal, or have actually come eyeball-to-eyeball with a little critter when opening a cupboard door – Pest Management Technicians know the rush of dread that consumes you, along with a feeling of needing to scrub and disinfect floors, countertops, and cupboard shelves.  But why do mice venture indoors and ruin humans’ tranquility? – food and shelter.  As far as mice are concerned – human habitats really know how to throw a party.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House
Critter-Proofing your home and business is something everyone faces at some point. 
Whether you’ve moved in to a new development that has disturbed the natural habitat of mice – or you’re in an older home that may present some easy access points through foundation cracks and warped door frames – protecting your home from intrusive pests is the first step in keeping critters on the outside.  Look for small holes around your foundation and pack them with steel wool or caulk them.  Remember what appears like a small hole to you is a giant welcome sign to mice – they can literally squeeze through anything – so pack even the tiniest of holes.  Don’t forget to remove pet food and other forms of nourishment, as a bag of dog food kept on the front porch will appear like a buffet to hungry critters. Clean-up, throw-out and board-up.

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