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Prepare Your Home Against Fall Pests

Protect Your Home from Fall Pests

As the days grow shorter and the leaves start to fall, pests are going to start looking for ways to infiltrate your home in order to bed down for winter. We get it, our homes are warm and full of delicious foods and fall delights, making it that much more inviting for rodents and other pests that want a piece of the pie. The last thing you want this fall is to share your home with unwanted guests, so here’s what you can do to prepare your home against the onslaught of fall pests!

Prevent to Prepare

Rodents and creepy crawly pests can cause a heap of damage to our homes if left to their own devices. We’re talking chewed wires, infiltration of our pantries or other food-heavy areas, droppings, nests in closets or walls, and to top it all off, they can carry diseases that can affect our pets, our children and us. That’s why it’s a good idea to use some of these preventative measures to combat pest presence. Inspect around the outside of your home, especially where utilities and piping are connected to the building, for cracks, gaps and holes. Seal them with steel wool to deter both mice and bugs. Check your weather stripping and window screens for damage or openings and replace them where necessary. When you’re bringing in your fall decor, such as pumpkins, gourds, straw, dried corn or baskets, be sure to check for pests as they might be hitching a ride in with your decorations! Certain fall plants will also attract pests, so be careful how close you put those potted plants near your home or entryways!

Look For Infestations In Common Places

Pests are looking for shelter from the cold and will winter down in any enclosed space they can. Garages are often where a pest infestation will start and then transition into our homes, so pay careful attention to clutter, possible entry points and any good hiding places. Pests will hide under piles of newspapers, old crates, flower pots, clothing and many other forms of debris. Try to keep these collections to a minimum in your garage, your closets, attics, crawlspaces and basements. They’ll also look for a food source, so it’s a good idea to seal all food products in the kitchen and the pantry.

Clean Up!

Make sure to clean up spills, both liquid and food scraps, as soon as they happen! A pile of crumbs is a smorgasbord to a pest and they’ll even consider it an invitation. Collect and dispose of garbage frequently and don’t leave used dishes in the bedroom or tv room overnight, as tempting as it is to clean everything up in the morning. If you remove the temptation, pests are so much less likely to barge in and call your home theirs!

Fall is the time to be super vigilant of pest activity as this is the time they’ll be really intent on coming inside. Our homes are a paradise for a pest. Do what you can to make it less of a paradise for them and more for yourself this fall!