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Mouse Proof Your Home Before Winter Sets In

Mouse-Proof Your Home Before Winter

We know, we don’t like to admit it either, but summer has given way to fall which will soon give way to winter. While we’re keeping warm in our winter boots, our mitts and scarves, there’s a certain little pest that may be trying to warm up in your home! Here are a few tips on how to mouse-proof your home before they decide to join you for dinner!

You Shall Not Pass!

The mice, that is! Make some time to really inspect the perimeter of your home, paying special attention to chimneys, utility and piping, dryer vents, pretty much anywhere you think a mouse could possibly squeeze in. For a more exact estimate, consider that mice can wriggle through anywhere their heads will fit. We’re talking maybe a ¼ of an inch opening, so be careful to look for small cracks or holes in the foundation, particularly around basement windows and entry points, like doors and windows. The next step is to seal those possible points of entry with steel or copper wool as a mouse won’t chew through this, but it will chew through silicone and other fillers! If you have an older home with a bit more of a gap under the front door, try installing a brush strip to limit the space available. 

Airtight Seals For Your Food… And the Dogs!

Mice are not picky and will make a meal out of almost any crumb. That’s why it’s so important to properly seal all food items stored in the pantry, including your pet’s food! Tupperware can work, but glass containers with a clip or locking seal are best. Move all your herbs to glass jars and store cereal in a sealing container rather than just the box. Store flour, sugar and other baking items in sealed containers as well! Wipe countertops with a vinegar solution and keep your surfaces clear of food leftovers and remember to sweep under the fridge, stove and dishwasher to clear out the crumbs. Make rodents as unwelcome as possible by removing any food temptations!

Yard Maintenance 

The first frontier a rodent will encounter is your yard, so before the weather gets too frigid make sure to do some maintenance to deter rodents from invading. Trim back bushes and trees around your home that could provide shelter to a mouse, paying particular attention to branches that hang over your roof. These boughs act as bridges for rodents to sneak in through your attics and chimneys. Try to remove any leaf piles or other vegetation that could provide refuge for a family of mice before they transition into your home. 

Don’t share Thanksgiving this year with a family of rodents, make sure to mouse-proof your home! The best form of protection against mice is prevention, but if they still make it past your best efforts, give us a call at 403-262-1666. You deserve to have a mouse-free fall!