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Pest Proofing: How to Make Your Home a Fortress Against Pests!

Pest Proofing: How to Make Your Home a Fortress Against Pests! - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Company - Featured Image

It’s that time of year again when the pests are going to try to wiggle their way into our homes for winter and if you’re like us, that’s the last thing we want! Pest proofing your home doesn’t have to be difficult if you’re diligent! Here’s how to make sure those pesky little buggers know they aren’t welcome this fall!

The Great Outdoors

A good place to start is the outdoor perimeter of your home! Plan an observant walk around to check for cracks in the foundation, holes or fishers in walls, worn window screens, open chimneys, gutters full of leaves and debris for hiding, nooks and crannies around electrical wiring and any possible entry that could be a potential pest runway straight into your home. Remember that mice are little ninjas and can fit into spaces as small as a dime! You can use caulking or steel wool to patch up these holes, but do keep in mind that mice will chew through caulking so pick carefully where you use this! On your walk around, make sure you pay attention to piles of leaves, wood and any debris that pests could hide under. Pests love clutter and a really good way to combat pests is to keep a clean home, yard and garage or shed area!

Warm and Cozy Inside

After you’ve checked outside, it’s time to do a thorough search of the inside of your home. Replacing worn weatherstripping is going to save you heating costs as winter approaches and will also keep out pests! Fix up or replace the window screens on your second-floor windows as well because pests don’t care which floor they enter from. Ants and other creepy crawlers may try to sneak in through cracks in eaves or in the ceiling and caulking these cracks will prevent any sneaking inside. After you’re satisfied with your fixes, make sure you keep messes and food particles to a minimum in high traffic areas. Any possibility of a crumb of food is an invitation to a pest! This includes sealing our dry goods and food items to make sure that tantalizing scent doesn’t reach a pest trying to invade.

Pest proofing is a sure-fire way to prevent any pest headaches you might face later. It’s especially important as the temperatures drop because turning up the heat is almost an invitation to those pests to join you for Thanksgiving dinner! After all, bugs will want to move from outside to inside any chance they can get!