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Sanitize the Pests Away with a Sanitizing Schedule!

Sanitize the Pests Away with a Sanitizing Schedule! - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Company - Featured Image

We all know that workplaces have developed sanitizing schedules to properly adhere to health and safety guidelines while also keeping the health and safety of their customers and employees top of mind. While maintaining a smoothly run workplace is vital, it’s also important to take cleanliness seriously when third party inspectors come to evaluate. Pest control is a part of this sanitizing schedule because the last thing a business wants is to expose their guests to pests!  But have you thought about bringing your workplace practices of sanitization into your home? Here’s what to keep in mind when making an at-home sanitization schedule!

Sanitize the Problem!

First, you need to identify your problem locations in your home, such as high traffic areas. This is often the kitchen as this is where the most odours and food particles are found. When choosing a disinfectant, keep in mind that not all disinfecting products are made the same! Try to choose something that has a high alcohol content or advertises 99.99% germ-killing power! If you’re not quite sure what products to pick, here’s a list of products provided by the Government of Canada to give us a better idea. Using a cleaning product with this kind of bacteria and virus killing intensity will keep your home safe from viruses and pests alike, which is especially important in our current situation. Clean up spills and messes with these products to both sanitize and remove the temptation of a treat for pests.

Take out That Trash!

Removing garbage and any waste materials is also vital to reducing pests and other bugs. This means regularly pulling out large appliances to clean underneath and around, removing bottles and cans from your home often, cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen sink weekly if you can, disposing of rotting food and disinfecting the inside of the fridge, and even cleaning the inside of your garbage can once and awhile! These might not be the most glamorous tasks, but you’ll have fewer pests and a cleaner, safer environment because of your hard work!
Disinfecting and cleaning your home can feel daunting, but we promise that getting into the habit will reduce pests and any possible contaminants from moving in! If you’d like some expert help, our reliable staff at One Man and a Lady Bug will be more than happy to answer your questions as well as schedule a safe consultation and inspection! Get in touch with us to book today!