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Pest Activity during Winter Months in Calgary

One Man and a Lady Bug Ltd. is a Calgary Pest Control Company that provides both structural and landscape solutions for pest management issues.  Be it summer time activity of Spiders and Ants – or the dreaded winter spotting of Mice droppings in your home – this Calgary Pest Management team is on hand to provide fast, safe, and effective pest control results.

Most pest concerns start outside – so making sure that all potential entry points are sealed and all pest attractors to your home and office are removed – is the first line of defense against winter pest infestations.  But like it or not – Mice are an issue in Calgary during the winter months so preventing and handling an infestation requires swift action from a Pest Management company.  The City of Calgary website has posted a page specifically addressing the problems of Mice activity in homes and buildings – explaining that these shockingly fast breeders (average gestation period is 19 days) can wreak havoc on lives and structures by eating through dry-wall, clothing, and electrical wiring – and contaminating food and surfaces with bacterium active urine.

Pest Control Technicians at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that Mice are able to squeeze through spaces smaller than a dime and can cause significant economic loss, health issues, and un-sanitary conditions.  Mice are able to gnaw through a vast amount of material – be it food or structural material – leaving a path of destruction and contamination.  And considering the females short gestation period and ability to have five to six litters a year (with off-spring becoming fertile and independent by three months) it’s important to stress that once evidence of their existence has been spotted – Pest Control is essential for safe and effective handling.

Calgary witnesses the presence of the house mouse and deer mouse – with the house mouse being more prevalent in the urban centre and the deer mouse occupying homes that surround the city.  Calgary Pest Control teams understand that the thought of mice occupying a home or business is a stressful, and anxiety provoking thought – so recommend that steps are taken to prevent a potential infestation – but once suspected, the services of a trusted Pest Management company are utilized to ensure that the issues is eradicated.

For more information regarding winter pest control issues in Calgary – or for an evaluation of potential pest infestation – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today.

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+