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Rodent Season Means It’s Time To Pest Proof!

Pest-Proof for Rodent Season

The weather is cooling off and we’re starting to wear layers again. We’ve officially entered rodent season. It sounds incredibly ominous and you’ve probably heard it as a warning, but just because the winter weather is pushing rodents to find a place to hunker down doesn’t mean that we can’t prepare our homes against them! Here’s how you can pest-proof for rodent season!

Remove Temptation

We’ve talked about it before and we’ll talk about it again because the importance of storing dry goods and other pantry foods in airtight containers is an essential part of keeping your home rodent-free. If they can’t smell or access the food, they won’t be as tempted to try to claim your home as theirs. This includes scraps, spills and crumbs in the kitchen and other living areas. Make sure to clean up leftovers and wipe up spills as they happen. Even pet food needs to be securely sealed and food bowls cleared away overnight. Water left out should also be kept to a minimum to avoid invitation.

Seal The Foundation

And we mean that literally! Do a walk around the outside of your home and seal any small cracks with caulking. For holes and larger cracks, be sure to fill with steel wool or hardware cloth as mice will just chew through caulking. Mice are tricky little critters because if they can fit their head, the rest of them will follow. A quarter of an inch, or a dime’s width, is all they need! In addition to sealing the foundation of your home, check around windows, doors, utilities connections and chimneys for cracks or holes to fill. Consider installing door sweeps and replacing weather stripping where needed, including in the garage!


Piles of newspapers, leaves, kindling, woodpiles, and other clutter is perfect for a mouse family to snuggle into, so make sure to declutter both the inside and the outside of your home. This includes the basement and the garage as these are two prime locations for mice to hide out and wait for access to the rest of your home. Sheds, shops and other structures in your yard will also need some pest protection and if possible, should also be decluttered. We say spring cleaning is important, but winter cleaning is just as crucial! 

Keep An Eye Out

While it’s important to pest-proof, being vigilant will be your best form of intervention if there are mice present on your property. Check for droppings behind appliances, in the corners of cupboards, in attics and basements. Keep an eye on any gnawing of cardboard boxes or food storage and remember that mice can even chew through plastic! If mice are present, you can usually smell them. But if you can smell them, then there’s likely to be a few of them.

That’s where we would come in to help with any potential rodent infestation. Mice are cunning little rodents, but we’re familiar with their habits and will be able to come up with a pest-proofing plan that works for you. Contact us at 403.262.1666 and we’ll get started! This month we’re running a rodent season special for any new rodent service, be sure to ask us about it!