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Moths May Appear Harmless – Until They’re Living in Your Home

Moths – famous for their destruction of wool clothing – these winged critters don’t just limit themselves to wool products and will take a bite out of other materials, including silk, felt, fur, feathers and carpets.  Notoriously annoying for swarming around lights and performing suicidal nose dives in to camp fires – Moths have an ability to be a real nuisance.

How Do Moths Get In To Your Home?

Moths are a mixed bunch – from pollinators to pesky garden pests – the good news is that Moths tend not to cause too much trouble for humans, unless you consider the destruction of your wedding dress or other family heirloom a bother – and then there are the moths that can munch their way through your pantry.  But Moths have developed a ‘fly low under the radar’ approach to being a nuisance – as in most situations of Moth Infestation the damage can be carried out quietly but thoroughly.  Now you’re probably wondering ‘how the heck did I end up with a Moth Infestation?’ – it really isn’t that difficult, as often we’re bringing home larvae in bulk grains, nuts and rice.  Checking your bulk items before emptying them into clean containers is always a good idea.

Do Moths Cause Damage?

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Experts at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that Moths can do some serious damage to a home or business, and that once they’ve been discovered they can prove tricky to remove.  Unlike the pantry moth that has no problem flying crazily around a light bulb – clothing moths are fearful of light and love to stay hidden between cushions, clothing and in curtains.  Now if you’re noticing damage to your carpets it might not be the work of a moth, as Carpet Beetles have been known to cause significant damage to rugs and carpeting.  But if it is Moths that are eating your belongings there will be specific signs such as, tubes or casings lying around, evidence of maggots or small larvae and the sightings of adult moths crawling over surfaces.

Got Moths?

Discovering a pest infestation always leaves a queasy feeling in the stomach.  There’s something about having a creepy crawly eating your food and slithering over your personal belongings that just gives people the shivers.  Trying to handle an infestation can be time consuming and annoying – let the professionals at One Man and a Lady Bug take care of the pests so you can take care of you.