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The Cons of DIY Pest Removal

There’s something to be said about individual’s who tackle projects around the house without the need to call in the professionals.  From wallpapering, laying floors, installing a new kitchen and handling a plumbing concern – it seems that no job is too great or too dirty for some.  But there is one area of household maintenance that tends to get left to the experts – and that’s Pest Control.

Why Should Professionals Handle a Pest Infestation?
Pest Infestation is a far cry from slapping some paint on a living room wall – and though a homeowners intentions might be in the right place – taking on the job of getting rid of unwanted pests can prove to be too challenging.  First there’s the health risks that come with handling pest waste – a substance laced with bacteria that are harmful to humans – and there’s also the disposal of large quantities of pests that may be harboring disease, or just be plain unpleasant to deal with.  And if we’re talking Pest Infestation – there can be a lot of chemicals and equipment involved to do the job right.

Calgary Pest Control
One Man and a Lady Bug is an established Calgary Pest Control company who is always on hand to help business and homeowners deal with untimely and unwanted pests.  This Calgary Extermination and Pest Management team explain that though a little DIY pest control may seem cost effective – in the long run it can prove to be more expensive, especially when you end up having to call in the experts.  The reason why pest infestations are so hard to contain is due in part to the incredible speed pests reproduce.  Take Mice for instance – they can go from a happy family of six to a community of sixty in under three months!  So, if you have taken a little while to notice droppings and night time scampering – you’re going to have a huge job on your hands controlling and eliminating an infestation of mice.  Turning to the professionals not only gets the job done quickly, but ensures that all signs of pests are removed.

Dealing with unwanted pests can be time consuming and frustrating – don’t struggle to get rid of an infestation – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today 403.262.1666