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How to Recover From a Pest Infestation in Your Business

Pests are no fun, regardless if they creep in to your home or business.  But business owners are faced with additional concerns – especially if their business serves the public in any way – so dealing swiftly and effectively with pests is essential to keeping a premises and business healthy.

Excuse me Waiter – But There’s a Bug in My Soup!

A popular opening line for a joke – but let’s be clear – nobody ever wants to find a bug in their soup or hear the words uttered.  Unfortunately restaurants, supermarkets, fast food chains and cafes can be a target for pest and rodent activity.  If a family of mice find a home pantry inviting – imagine what they think of a fully stocked restaurant kitchen or commercial bakery! Taking steps to protect a business from pests is as necessary as installing an alarm system – that way all the bad guys are kept on the outside.

Pests Can Damage Drywall and Your Reputation

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Experts at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that keeping pests away from your business is the first step in preventing an infestation.  This means keeping garbage containers and waste receptacles as far away from buildings as possible.  Garbage containers and piles of paper and boxes are a huge attraction to pests and rodents who are looking for shelter and food – and the closer the garbage to your business the faster critters can sneak in to buildings.  Food that is imported from foreign countries may have some unwanted guests travelling in boxes and packing materials – so proper disposal of papers and boxes will help get rid pests hitching a ride.  Many pests carry diseases that are harmful to humans – diligence in monitoring for signs of pest activity is required, as this action can prevent an infestation and minimize damage.

How to Recover From Pest Activity

The way to recover from any pest activity is to take immediate action and remedy all situations that may have contributed to an infestation.  Ignoring a situation will not only increase the risk for severe structural damage, but can also cast a poor light on your business practice.  Contacting qualified Pest Control Technicians to eliminate issues and provide steps to prevent further infestation is a recommended course of action.  Losing customers is never easy – but losing them to a situation that could have been prevented is even harder.

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