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Common Pests to Look Out For This Winter

Our lives are made up of seasons – and that means dealing with the seasonal habits of pests and rodents.  With summer way behind us and winter temperatures creeping in to our days and weeks, it’s normal to notice some heightened pest activity, as dropping temperatures force pests and rodents to find shelter and sustenance over the winter months.

Calgary Pest Control Experts

Calgary Pest Control Experts at One Man and a Ladybug explain that cooler day and nighttime temperatures puts pressure on rodents and other pests to find a source of food and shelter that protects them over the cooler seasons.  While some pests go underground and build nests, some are a little choosier in where they spend winter – making your home or business the perfect hideaway for discerning pests.  Burrowing under foundations, through cracks around doors and windows, and sneaking in vents is easy for a motivated mouse looking for all the cozy comfort a home provides.  After all, mice are warm-blooded mammals who feel every drop in the mercury just like humans – so paying attention to easy access points around your home will ensure you’re the only one enjoying your home’s warmth this winter.

What Type of Pests Spend Winter Indoors?

It’s not just mice who advance towards your home during the cooler months – Spiders, Ants, Carpet Beetles and Elder Bugs all make a concerted effort to find shelter from frigid temperatures and sparse nourishment.  Spiders are quite creative in their attempt to hunker-down in a warm abode – moving from shrubbery and trees to eaves and porches – all in an effort to make it to some door or window and inch their way inside.  Removing webs before they make it to the porch or deck is a quick and easy way of keeping unwanted spiders out of your home.

Pest Control and Extermination experts at One Man and a Lady Bug recommend taking a weekend prior to the snow flying to walk the perimeter of your home, checking for foundation cracks, warped door and window frames and vulnerable vents.  Prevention is always your best defense against a pest infestation – so taking the time to seal up cracks and openings will help your home remains pest free throughout the winter.

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