All About the Maple Bug

The Maple Bug – also referred to as the Box Elder Bug is a common site around homes during the fall months as they search for shelter from the approaching colder months.  But where do these harmless insects hide-out during winter while they wait for spring to arrive and maple trees to leaf? Recognizing the
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Common Pests to Look Out For This Winter

Our lives are made up of seasons – and that means dealing with the seasonal habits of pests and rodents.  With summer way behind us and winter temperatures creeping in to our days and weeks, it’s normal to notice some heightened pest activity, as dropping temperatures force pests and rodents to find shelter and sustenance
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Pest Related Diseases and Illness

Household pests don’t just cause mayhem around homes and businesses – they also carry viruses and bacteria that pose significant health risks to humans.  Dealing with a pest infestation as soon as possible not only protects your premises – but protects the health of family pets and humans. Pests and Diseases In our previous blogs
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