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Cockroaches – They’re Not Just Found in Dirty Kitchens

Cockroaches – They’re Not Just Found in Dirty Kitchens - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Experts Calgary

It’s often been thought that Cockroaches are only found in super grungy kitchens that have never seen a sign of soap and water. Portrayed in movies as scavengers that spend their nights wading through grease and fat, eating the remnants of some dried-up food and managing to avoid most efforts put forth to eliminate their presence. Movies aren’t necessarily the most accurate when it comes to pest activity as Cockroaches can also be found in the cleanest of places – just so long as there is food and comfort close-by, these six-legged insects are willing to hang-out in most homes.

Cockroaches are Nocturnal Insects

Coming out in the dark to scavenge and feed; Cockroaches are nocturnal insects who are rarely spotted during daylight. If you do catch a glimpse of this insect scampering across your kitchen floor in the middle of the day you may have an infestation – as searching for food during all hours is indicative of a large quantity of cockroaches. With the ability to flatten their body’s so that they can squeeze though most openings and wedge themselves behind baseboards and wallpaper makes this native of the ‘New World’ a tricky pest to deal with and eradicate. Inhabiting our planet for the past 49 million years attests to this creature’s incredible resiliency and dominate nature – making even the most seasoned Pest Control Experts cringe at an encounter.

How Does a Home Become Infested with Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are always in search of warmth, moisture, and the prospect of food. Just because your house looks and smells fresh as a daisy doesn’t mean a cockroach won’t find it appealing. Even the slightest amount of crumbs left lingering on a counter top is all it takes to lure this insect in and keep them hanging around. But you’re probably thinking ‘how would a cockroach end up in my home?’ Well the truth is that cockroaches are invariably brought home by unsuspecting travellers and shoppers – as it’s easy for roaches to burrow beneath paper grocery bags, hideout in amongst dry food, and hop onboard a suitcase destined for you place.

Do Cockroaches Pose Health Risks?

Cockroach saliva, droppings, and decomposing bodies contain an allergen that can be debilitating to asthma sufferers. Along with carrying E.coli and Salmonella; Cockroaches are never a good insect to have as a houseguest. The earliest sighting of cockroach activity should be acted upon and reported to a Calgary Pest Control team – as ignoring these pests won’t make them go away, and will only let their numbers increase.

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