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Pesky Voles – Why We Get Them and How To Control Them

Pesky Voles – Why We Get Them and How To Control Them - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Calgary

Voles – a name that just doesn’t conjure up an image of a cute furry animal. It has a tone to it that makes you think conniving, not to mention annoying – and generally just a really bothersome pest. Calgary is familiar with the fast paced and every resilient mouse – but what do we know about Voles – and why do they insist on disturbing home and yards? Though a Vole is a rodent it is not a mouse – even though people love to refer to Voles as Field Mice. This stout, short-tailed, blunt faced rodent might not be a mouse, but it can still cause the same mayhem by tearing up yards, damaging homes and garages, and generally annoying human folk.

How To Tell If You’ve Got Vole Activity

The first thing to mention is – don’t confuse Voles with Moles – as each species leaves a completely different calling card and requires different attention when it comes to managing these unwanted pests. Voles have a distinct way of messing up a yard by creating shallow runways that can span out across a lawn and quickly turn it in to a crazy design. The ditches created in the grass are referred to as runways as they provide the perfect pathway for these rodents to scurry back and forth across a yard – and are further created by them munching on exposed blades of grass. Noticing changes to the condition of your lawn can often be an indication that pest activity is at play. But don’t just focus on your lawn when looking for evidence of Voles, as trees and shrubs are also fair game to these pesky rodents.

Why Is Vole Control Necessary?

Just like any unwanted pest – control is frequently needed to prevent and manage an infestation. Voles are incredibly fast breeders, so ignoring the sighting of one or two can turn in to an unwanted infestation in very little time. Voles are known to have up to six litters a year – with each litter having approximately four offspring. Left unmanaged a Vole family will soon colonize and start ruining your yard and running your life.

Controlling an infestation of Voles is a combination of smart shrub and plant maintenance and protection and the fast intervention of Calgary Pest Control technicians when the first sighting is noted. Rodents don’t wait to be invited in to a home, garage, or yard – they barge right in and start taking over – so fast and effective management is always recommended.

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