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Ant Infestation

With spring approaching, it’s time to talk about ant infestations. There are 93 species of ants in Alberta! Since ants become more active in spring, it’s important to recognize early signs of an infestation and learn how to deal with

Top 5 Pests Found Indoors - One Man and a Lady Bug - Calgary Pest Control Experts

Pests aren’t the end of the world – especially when they stay outside and leave humans and family pets alone. But that isn’t always the case as some pests are attracted to the warmth and shelter a home provides –

Cockroaches – They’re Not Just Found in Dirty Kitchens - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Experts Calgary

It’s often been thought that Cockroaches are only found in super grungy kitchens that have never seen a sign of soap and water. Portrayed in movies as scavengers that spend their nights wading through grease and fat, eating the remnants