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Pest Control in Calgary – Why We Need This Vital Service

Pest Control in Calgary – Why We Need This Vital Service - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Pest Control is one of those services that people and homes sometimes need – but never want! The reality is that it can be challenging to keep a home or business free from annoying pests all the time, as each season brings its own unique challenges when it comes to pest activity. Pest Control is the management of any species that is considered a pest, be it a pest to an individual’s health, the environment or the ecology. Controlling and managing pests that damage vegetation, homes, and human tranquility is essential to preventing infestations and long-term ramifications.

January Rodent Concerns

When the thermometer drops we all scramble to get inside where temperatures are warm. Rodents are often following close behind humans in their mad dash to find a cozy spot to spend the cooler months of winter and will hide-out in sheds, garages, basements, attics, and the cleanest kitchens in town. Just because your house is squeaky clean doesn’t mean rodents will pass you by – as warmth and a little sustenance is all they need to make it through a long, cold winter. Leaving a garage door open while you warm up your vehicle or let Fido out is all the time a local mouse needs to head inside – so do pay attention to doors left open during cold months.

Why the Concern Over Household Pests?

We’ve talked about mice chewing through drywall and electrical cables, box-elder bugs staining linens and furniture, carpenter ants munching their way through a home’s framework, and flies that are not only annoying but incredibly fast to multiply. All of these pests not only pose hazards to a home or yard but also come with health risks to humans and pets as they can be quick to bite and sting and some carry dangerous diseases that pose a threat to human and pet health. Being vigilant about any pest activity in your home not only protects the value of the property but the sanity of those living there.

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