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Calgary Pest Control Firm Share Some Tips on Keeping Pesky Wildlife Away

Calgary Pest Control Firm – One Man and a Ladybug – aim to help customers lessen the need for pest management by providing preventative tips that help keep pesky insects and wildlife at bay.

Though it might not always feel like it, Calgary’s days are becoming warmer – with more daylight hours and fewer below freezing nights.  The hint of an approaching spring is felt by all – humans and animals alike – and the desire to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays and languish in moist green grass has two and four-legged species venturing away from winter habitats in search of springtime adventures.

Pesky Wildlife becomes heightened during the early days of spring – when the search for food and potential mates draws animals out of dens and other hiding places.  Wildlife like Rabbits, Voles, Skunks, Gophers and Deer are attracted to budding yards – venturing in to flower beds and vegetable patches without a care for the owners efforts.  And if chewing on a few plants was the only concern to deal with, many a homeowner would throw some netting over prize shrubs and foliage and feel well protected – but wildlife present a range of problems; from burrowing across manicured lawns to destroying grass either by grazing it down to the soil or burning it with large concentrations of urine – many a furry little critter can actually be costing you a bunch in time and money as it churns up your yard and destroys a home’s curb appeal.

One Man and a Ladybug explain that yards that are most at risk for an influx of wildlife are those that provide numerous hiding places under expansive shrubs and easy access to food with an open door policy to plant and vegetable beds.  Camouflage gardening is one way to deter wildlife from claiming your yard – and involves incorporating raised beds and more container plantings along with shielding slow growing and delicate plants behind rapid reproducing and less tasty plants.  But once your yard has been claimed by a family or rabbits, voles or gophers more aggressive measures are needed to gain control over your outdoor space – and relying on the expertise of a Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Company to rid your yard of unwanted pests is required.  Trying to dissuade invaders from your yard can be a timely endeavour – that robs you of your yard and peace of mind.

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