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Are You Causing a Bug and Pest Problem in Your Home?

We’d all love to blame a bug or pest infestation on the little critter.  After all, isn’t it their behaviour that caused your home to be overrun with unwelcome house guests?  Well the truth is maybe you played a part in luring an opportunistic pest – and now it’s time to clean up theirs – and your act.

What Attracts Pests to a Home?

If spending winter in Calgary meant hiding under a spruce tree or seeking shelter from frigid temperatures with some twigs and branches – wouldn’t you be on the look-out for shelter that provided heat and sustenance?  Pests and bugs are no different from humans when it comes to creature comforts – and the will to survive.  As the warm days of summer creep in to the distance and cooler temperatures descend upon Calgary, thousands of pests and bugs begin the task of finding shelter that will enable them to survive winter to see another spring.  And what type of winter accommodation is at the top of their list?  Your home – packed with treats, water and warmth – and with a big ‘ole welcome sign due to foundation cracks, door and window frames that aren’t sealed, and garbage cans kept way too close to your home.

How To Prevent Winter Pests

Pest Control technicians at One Man and a Lady Bug in Calgary explain that it doesn’t take much to invite annoying pests in to your home as cracks around doors and windows, tree branches that hang over your house, and smelly garbage containers can be both enticing and provide easy access to a determined little critter.  Leaving pet food on the porch or deck can act as a flashing light – leading the way to winter sustenance and shelter.  Preventing unwanted pests by following some basic steps will keep unwanted furry friends away from your abode:

  • Trim back trees and shrubbery that touch your home
  • Seal obvious cracks in foundation and around vents and piping
  • Make sure windows and doors close properly
  • Move garbage containers away from the home
  • Keep your home clean by wiping down counter tops and removing sticky residues from floors
  • Remember pests and bugs don’t need a wide open door to get in – a little crack will do

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