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All About the Maple Bug

The Maple Bug – also referred to as the Box Elder Bug is a common site around homes during the fall months as they search for shelter from the approaching colder months.  But where do these harmless insects hide-out during winter while they wait for spring to arrive and maple trees to leaf?

Recognizing the Maple Bug

The Maple Bug is easy to spot thanks to its grey color and red markings.  Often noticed congregating around homes in the early fall; this insect knows that without adequate shelter throughout the winter months, its already short life-span will be further shortened.  Maple Bugs only lay one set of eggs per year – laying their eggs on maple leaves in the early spring.  The good news is that these insects only lay their eggs on maple leaves, so your home is somewhat protected by their natural instinct for procreation.  But once the eggs become bugs and then mature to become the winged insect that we recognize during summer – the hunt is on for winter shelter.

Maple Bugs Gathering Around Homes

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination experts at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that it’s very common to notice hordes of maple bugs congregating on trees and on homes as fall progresses in to winter.  Congregating in large numbers the maple bug can make homeowners nervous about a possible infestation, as the thought of hundreds of bugs seeking refuge in the attic or between walls is enough to make the brave of us seek Pest Control Management.  Breaking up the congregation of the maple bug is an important step in preventing a home becoming over-run with insects and can be achieved by using certain sprays (pheromones) to attract bugs to a more favourable hang-out place.  Though not known to cause structural damage to buildings; their droppings can cause significant staining to furniture, linens and light walls.  

Do Maple Bugs Hurt Trees?

Maple bugs are also referred to as Box Elder bugs due to the fact that it is this varietal of maple tree that they congregate on.  Interestingly, it’s the female box elder that is more susceptible to infestation, so planting the male variety can help in reducing maple bug activity.  The maple bug is really more of a nuisance – causing little damage to trees and buildings – but annoying the heck out of owners.  Working with a Calgary Pest Control team to help control the location and numbers of the maple bug will help keep trees, buildings and humans happy.

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