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Winter Rodent Issues

Winter Rodent Issues - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Calgary

Our ancestors sure knew what they were doing when they named this group of mammals’ rodents – as their name comes from the Latin rodere – meaning to gnaw! Possibly one of the most destructive pests known to man – this large animal classification includes rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, hamsters, guinea pigs, and even rabbits, though they belong in a different order of sub-classification. With so many pests baring the distinctive large incisors that are able to munch through just about anything, dealing with winter time rodent issues can be challenging due to the number of pests to deal with and the length of season that has these furry creatures heading indoors.

When Mice Move In – And Take Over

Most homeowners have dealt with unwanted mouse activity – especially homeowners that have purchased newly built homes on land that was once farm or acreages – a favorite spot for rodents to roam free and create mile and mile of burrows. Once the initial shock of discovering the presence of rodents in your home or business has subsided there is always a moment when everyone thinks – ‘how did they get in’ and ‘why my house as it’s really clean.’ The reality is that mice and other rodents don’t have a set criterion for cleanliness – their main objective is to get in from below zero temperatures and find a potential spot for water and anything remotely chewable – remember these guys are gnawers! Also remember that every home has some form of piping that enters and exits the home – becoming an easy access point for these little critters that can literally morph their bodies so that the smallest of openings becomes a big welcome sign. If there is a small crack in the foundation or wider opening around pipes – it doesn’t take long for rodents to find these spots and walk (or scurry) right on in.

How Do Squirrels Enter Homes?

So focused on the risk of a mouse infestation we can forget to consider the risk of squirrels entering our homes. Just like mice, squirrels are also huge opportunists that need little encouragement to claim an attic or shed for their own. Just like any other winter pest; squirrels are looking for shelter, food, and water – and will jump, climb, and squeeze to get what they want. A common entry point for squirrels to access homes is from the roof – particularly vents that are open to crawl spaces in attics. Once inside it doesn’t take squirrels long to build a nest and think about starting a family! Known to look for strong protective shelter over the winter months – homeowners should be on the look-out for squirrel sounds and sightings from mid-December on.

Why Do Household Pests Need Management?

Why is it important to involve professional Pest Control Services when dealing with mice, squirrels and any other unwanted pest? Squirrels carry rabies and therefore should be handled by technicians who are equipped to deal with any unprovoked bites and scratches. Trying to deal with unwanted rodents can be time consuming if the situation is not addressed quickly and given adequate attention.  The technicians at One Man and a Lady Bug know exactly how to rid your home or business of pesky pests – and use environmentally friendly techniques to return your space to normal.

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