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Trees – Fertilization and Soil Drenching

Trees – Fertilization and Soil Drenching - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Solutions Calgary

Not only do trees add beauty to a yard, they also provide shade and protection to grass and other shrubs and promote healthy bug activity, just so long as the tree itself is in good shape. So what does it take to have trees blossoming and blooming on schedule, and remaining healthy throughout a growing season? Adequate preparation and ongoing maintenance is essential to ensure a tree’s health and beauty,  and often starts with essential spring fertilization to give a tree the vital nutrients needed after a long and invariably sub-zero winter.

Do All Trees Need To Be Fertilized?

Young, immature trees are in need of a lot of attention,  way more than more established trees that have stronger root systems and storage of nutrients. Young, actively growing trees benefit from regular fertilization, as exposing these trees to nutrients gives them every possible chance of surviving and reaching their full growth potential. Forgetting to fertilize won’t cause a tree to die, but it can hamper its health and vitality. But do all trees have the same nutritional needs? Blossoming trees do have a greater need for phosphorous than run-of-the-mill trees, and some trees survive beautifully with a very basic fertilizer. Trees that grow in their natural habitat in nutrient dense soil can get by with what nature intended – sun, rain, and nutrients. But because the quality of most soil tends to be less than ideal it is recommended that all trees are fertilized to maximize their beauty.

How Does Soil Drenching Help Trees?

Soil drenching is used to introduce a fertilizer or pesticide into the root system of a tree. Introducing chemicals into the circulatory system of a tree quickly, and without the need to bore holes into the tree; soil drenching is a highly effective method of providing trees with a boost of fertilizer or a shot of pesticide without having to damage the tree itself. A proven application in protecting trees from boring insects and root rot, soil drenching is frequently used in situations when tree spraying is not appropriate or effective.

Taking care of trees involves providing essential nutrients and protection from energy sapping insects and bugs. Combining effective fertilization and pesticide application with controlled soil drenching can ensure that trees reach and maintain their full potential.

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