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Bees and Other Spring Insects

Bees and Other Spring Insects - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

The first spotting of insects in a yard is both a curse and a delight. Seeing insect life is confirmation that warmer days and nights are upon us; as these small creatures venture out of winter hibernation to explore yards and gardens for food and water. An essential part of our eco-system – insect life is not something to disrespect or stamp out quickly – as many insects are a source of life and health to plants and lawns. Spring insects and Bees can be a positive sight for an avid gardener – just so long as their presence doesn’t become a nuisance.

Bees – Look Out for Nests

There’s over 4000 varietals of bees scattered across Canada and the United States and if you have a yard that has just a few plants and flowers, you’re sure to attract some buzzing action. Bees are usually portrayed in cartoons and books as round, chubby black insects, with a distinguishable yellow stripe. Famous for making honey, pollinating flowers, and even creating new species of plants through cross-pollination – bees have definitely contributed to the worlds eco-system. But what if you’ve got too many bees in your yard and are afraid to leave your house? When bees setup nests around a home and under lawns some caution should be taken when moving close to a nest so not to provoke unwanted bee aggression. Not all bees live in hives like the honey bee, as 1000’s of species build nests underground and become active as spring unfolds and males are on the lookout for females to mate with. Recognized by conical piles of dirt on south facing ground – these nests can pose problems in yards with young children and pets and frequently require Pest Control intervention to prevent unwanted stings.

Annoying Spring Insects

There are many insects that fall in to the annoying category – but spring insects really seem to push the envelope because so many of them are able to fly – which makes swatting and dodging a regular spring activity. Obviously flies and mosquitoes come to mind when we think of flying and annoying – but what about swarming midges that may not bite but still become a nuisance to humans trying to enjoy the outdoors. But it isn’t just the flying variety that has humans running indoors – ants emerge in spring weather and can be driven indoors during spring showers that threaten their colony. And if ants weren’t enough to deal with the common cockroach is also spotted in the spring, after easily surviving a harsh winter – this insect is focused on reproducing during spring months. What about termites you ask? Yes – they are also a bothersome spring insect that emerges once snow has melted – searching for damp wood that they can easily chomp down on.

Spring is one of the best times of year – a season enjoyed by humans and insects. If insects are spoiling your spring fun – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today 403.262.1666