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The Maple Bugs Are Moving In!

The Maple Bugs Are Moving In! - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

We hate to admit it, but we all know the days are getting shorter. The mornings are a little cooler and we’ve pulled out our slippers, our sweaters and maybe even our pumpkin spice lattes for those nighttime and early morning hours. We’re starting to feel the chill and so are the pests. This fall, make your home as unwelcoming as possible for the maple bugs, the rodents and for other pesky pests by following a few simple DIYs!

If you have maple trees in your front or backyard, you know that maple bugs, or boxelder bugs, can be problematic not just for the poor trees, but for you as these little buggers move indoors when the weather gets cooler. Though completely harmless, these tiny grey insects with red markings travel in big numbers and it can be rather overwhelming when they all decide to make your living space theirs! Thankfully, they only lay their eggs on maple leaves in early spring and therefore you don’t have to worry about them multiplying in your home.

If you notice a large congregation of maple bugs around your home or on the maple trees in your yard, you’ll want to start bug-proofing your home as soon as possible. This means clearing any potential pest shelter in your yard such as wood piles or old newspapers and essentially any clutter or garbage that a bug or rodent would just love to hide under. If these are necessities, like in the case of wood piles for those winter fires, make sure they’re a good distance from your house and that you treat possible pest shelters with natural repellents, like vinegar, peppermint oil or soap. Maple bugs hate soap, and a spritz of soapy water will kill them on the spot. Sometimes hosing them down with a direct spray of water is enough to get rid of them, but hosing down the infested area several times will most likely be necessary.

To keep these pests out of your house, make sure you seal all cracks and crevices with caulking. Steel wool is a much more efficient option to keep rodents out, and doing a thorough pest-proofing of your home might be in your best interest this fall! Make sure all your windows, doors and any entry points are tightly sealed and well maintained. Replacing worn weather stripping is not only a pest preventative, but it also helps keep your home warmer in winter, lowering your heating bill.

Another easy way to get rid of maple bugs and other insects is to sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth or Borax around your doors, windows, along the perimeter of your foundation and anywhere these pests seem to be gathering. Both powders break down the hard exterior of the insects and dehydrate them. Be careful when using diatomaceous earth because even though it’s basically harmless, it can sometimes cause an allergic reaction!

Even with your best efforts, sometimes pests can still make it indoors and become the roommates you never wanted. If you’re dealing with a maple bug problem, our pest control experts at One Man and a Ladybug want to make fall sweeter for you by evicting your maple bug tenants! Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss the best pest control option for you this fall!