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The Elusive Vole

The Elusive Vole - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Company - Featured Image

While taking precautions to keep mice out of your home and yard is a must during the winter, there’s another pesky little critter to watch out for as the seasons start to change. Not to be confused with a mouse or a mole, voles are one of those little rodents that seem hell bent on making a mess of our property and being generally bothersome! Though they won’t invade our homes, these elusive little creatures are active both above and below ground, which can make them tricky to identify!

Voles are often mistaken for mice, with their fuzzy brown to black coats with dark underbellies, and are sometimes referred to as field mice or meadow mice. But voles are much more stout and round compared to their mouse counterparts and have shorter tails and smaller snouts. Their activity in our yards is much different than mice or other rodents, like the common mole. While moles spend most of their time underground and mice above, voles venture between both. Known especially for their extensive tunneling systems, voles will create a massive network of shallow runaways that can take over an entire backyard! Not only can this wreak havoc on your lawn, but those pesky voles will make a meal out of your flower beds and even your trees!

As winter melts away, the damage inflicted on your yard by a vole family will be exposed if they’ve had an active winter. But voles are stealthy little critters and you may not notice their presence right away. Watch for changes in your yard, such as their signature runways or gnawing damage to your shrubs and trees. If you suspect you might be dealing with a vole and it’s extended family, we’re here to help you! Give our friendly technicians a call at 403-262-1666 or visit our website for more information!