Dealing With Pests and Bugs? Ask For Environmentally Friendly Options

So it’s official – you’ve got a pest infestation.  Whether it was the remains of skin shells you noticed – or the fact that you got to witness the scampering of some little critter across your kitchen floor – the bigger question is ‘what are you going to do about it?’ Calgary Pest Control Experts
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The Cons of DIY Pest Removal

There’s something to be said about individual’s who tackle projects around the house without the need to call in the professionals.  From wallpapering, laying floors, installing a new kitchen and handling a plumbing concern – it seems that no job is too great or too dirty for some.  But there is one area of household
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Squirrels – Not As Cute As They Appear

From Over the Hedge, Ice Age, to Christmas Vacation – Squirrels have had their fair share of time in the spotlight; earning them the reputation of being trouble makers, both on screen and off. Squirrels in Calgary Wondering who’s responsible for digging up your flower bulbs and nibbling on your plants?  Maybe you’re seeing random
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