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Dealing With Pests and Bugs? Ask For Environmentally Friendly Options

So it’s official – you’ve got a pest infestation.  Whether it was the remains of skin shells you noticed – or the fact that you got to witness the scampering of some little critter across your kitchen floor – the bigger question is ‘what are you going to do about it?’

Calgary Pest Control Experts

Nobody wants an infestation of pests – and the fact that homes and businesses can be faced with the unfortunate dilemma of eradicating the presence of unwanted critters can cause a certain amount of stress – especially if there isn’t a plan in place for handling infestations.  The faster, safest and probably the most economical plan would be to call a Calgary Pest Control company at the first sight of pests.  Why is this a recommended first step?  Pests aren’t just annoying – they can also pose health threats to humans and loyal family pets.  Knowing how to handle and discard pests without causing significant issues to homeowners and their pets requires understanding of pest habits and expertise in administering preferred pesticides.

Are All Pesticides The Same?

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Technicians at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that when it comes to handling any pest concern – the number one focus is always the health and safety of families dealing with unwanted pest activity.  Getting rid of pests isn’t the challenge – it’s managing it in a manner that protects humans, their pets and the environment.  One Man and a Lady Bug’s licensed technicians understand the importance of offering pest control solutions that don’t cause further damage – making a point of providing the most conservative and safe methods for handling even the most pesky of pests.

Pests And The Eco-System

Like it or not, pests all play an important role in the eco-system and controlling their activity requires a delicate touch that doesn’t create an imbalance in pest reproduction.  Cockroaches are a prime example of developing resistance against pesticides – with reports stating that it takes this pest just two years of exposure to develop a level of resistance against certain pesticides.  Acknowledging the need to control and prevent pest infestations means using methods that will naturally deter a pest from a specific environment while encouraging them to take up residence in areas that do not impact human activity.

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