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Squirrels – Not As Cute As They Appear

From Over the Hedge, Ice Age, to Christmas Vacation – Squirrels have had their fair share of time in the spotlight; earning them the reputation of being trouble makers, both on screen and off.

Squirrels in Calgary

Wondering who’s responsible for digging up your flower bulbs and nibbling on your plants?  Maybe you’re seeing random holes in your lawn and signs that your deck and patio furniture are being chewed up?  Before you go blaming the family dog – you may have to consider that the damage being caused to your yard is the work of some local squirrels.  Calgary is home to three species of squirrels – with the common Eastern Grey Squirrel (tree squirrel) being a known annoyance to those unfortunate enough to have to deal with this fast, medium-sized rodent.  And don’t be fooled by only looking out for grey squirrels – as this inappropriately named rodent can also have brown or black fur.

How To Deter Squirrels

Calgary Pest Control specialists at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that prevention is key when it comes to keeping squirrels out of your yard and your home.  One of the main forms of sustenance for squirrels is an easily accessible dish of pet food and a well-stocked bird feeder.  Ever the opportunists – squirrels are always on the look-out for an easy meal; so taking extra care not to leave garbage receptacles open or the barbecue sticky with last night’s sauce are important steps to keeping squirrels out of your life.  But it isn’t just a yard that’s at risk of being torn to shreds – squirrels are notorious for gaining access to homes through attics and garages – and once inside they can cause significant damage to insulation, electrical wiring and walls.  Blocking access points and trimming back high tree branches will help prevent squirrels from easily jumping from a tree to your home.

Pest Control in Calgary

If a home has squirrels nesting in the attic or garage – turning to a Calgary Pest Control team for removal is essential.  Nests can be hidden behind wall spaces and eaves – making locating and removing a nest tricky.  Pet Exterminators at One Man and a Lady Bug advice calling pest controllers to remove squirrels from a home or office space as care is needed to ensure that all rodents are removed.

If you are concerned about squirrel activity in your yard or home – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today 403.262.1666