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Signs that Pests are Becoming a Problem in Your Workplace

Signs of Pests in the Workplace

Pest infestations are awful and a massive inconvenience, but when they happen in the workplace, they can be devastating, and even dangerous, to your business and your employees. The best way to prevent pests from infiltrating the office is preparation and diligent observation, so here are the signs you need to be watching for when it comes to pests attempting to invade your workplace.

1. Droppings 

One of the first things you’ll likely notice if you’ve got pests is their droppings. Mice and other rodents are pretty easy to see, but for smaller pests like cockroaches or bedbugs, you’ll need to look a little closer. Look for fecal matter and urine trails around your office, especially in places like the kitchen and the bathrooms. Pay attention to corners and underneath printers, counters, desks and anywhere dark and cozy for a pest.

2. Greasy Smears and Marks

Just like we do with our hair, rodents secrete a natural oil in their fur and when they squeeze through a small space or run along the same path over and over again, they’ll start to leave a trail of grease. Mice tend to run along walls, so make sure to keep an eye out for their greasy little trails. You can usually find these trails behind refrigerators and sometimes even in vents where mice are present.

3. Gnawing Damage

If you find signs of gnawing on desks, chairs, wiring or even stacks of paper, you likely are dealing with a rodent and his extended family. They’ll even chew on doors to sharpen their little teeth and this will leave behind sawdust. Pay attention in the kitchen area of your workplace as mice will hang close to food sources.

4. Weird Smells

Pests always make a mess and that mess will smell. If you find you’re smelling a new, weird odour, here’s what different pests can smell like. Roaches leave behind an oily odour, mice smell like musty urine and termites emit a mouldy, mildewy scent.

5. Seeing the Damn Things

Obviously, the biggest signs of a pest problem is actually seeing the pest itself in your workplace. If you see one pest, there’s likely a lot more hiding in the walls, the ceiling or underneath furniture and appliances. As soon as you or anyone else spots a pest in the flesh, be sure to take action immediately and call your local pest experts. If you’re seeing the pests, the problem is already too big for you to handle alone.

We at One Man and a Ladybug know just how essential it is to have a pest-free place of work and we’re in the business of keeping you and your staff safe. If you see any of these signs or you have questions regarding pests, please give us a call at 403.262.1666 or contact us and we’d be happy to advise you! Let’s keep your workplace pest-free together!