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Prevent Pests This New Year!

Prevent Pests

Winter made itself known with a sudden flurry in December, resulting in plummeting temperatures and snow that came by the pile. Snow and cold weather tend to drive pests into the warmth and comfort of our homes, especially when it snows for several days in a row! The last thing you want to do is celebrate the new year with a bunch of unwanted guests, so here’s how to prevent pests from invading this new year!


How you’re storing your dry foods and pantry items can make a big difference in the battle against pests. Instead of leaving your cereals in the cardboard box which is easy to chew through, try storing them in airtight containers. All baking ingredients, such as oats, sugar, nuts, raisins, even flour, should also be stored in airtight containers that properly seal. Don’t forget to store pet food the same way! The less temptation of open food sources in your pantry reduces the possibility of bugs and critters trying to turn your kitchen into a buffet!

Keeping it Clean

Speaking of a buffet, a pile of crumbs under the lip of your kitchen cupboards is a smorgasbord for a mouse. Spills, crumbs, leftovers and scraps are considered a delicacy in the pest world! Keep the mice and the bugs out of your house by cleaning up the spills as they happen, wipe counters after food preparation and clean up with vinegar solutions to really deter those pests. The smell of vinegar is too much for pests and they will steer clear! Sweeping your floors clear of food debris on a daily basis is always a good idea as well as taking out the trash regularly. As tempting as it is to clean up the pizza party in the morning, remember that the smell of pizza boxes, full of crumbs and cheese, and the crusts left on the plate are a welcome bell to creepy crawlies and critters! Try your best not to leave out any treats!

Tidying Up

Piles of laundry, newspapers, magazines and other clutter serve as the perfect hideout for pests and should be kept to a minimum. Pay careful attention to places like basements, attics and laundry rooms, anywhere with less foot traffic and more clutter as pests will hunker down in the quiet, messy parts of your home. They’ll also look for refuge in garages, sheds, woodpiles, leaf litter and other outdoor debris to hide away in and wait for the chance to follow you inside.  Bring your boxes of holiday decor up off the garage floor if possible as well as anything else you store in the garage. Perhaps now is the perfect excuse to get those shelving units you’ve always wanted! If you have a fireplace that you use often, make sure that the woodpile is at least 20 feet from your door and raised up off the ground on pallets or shelving. 

Keeping the pests at bay may feel like a full-time job at first, but once you get in the habit of pest-proofing, it gets easier every year. A few more easy tips to prevent pests are to replace worn weather stripping, install a door sweep and cover chimneys and vents with mesh. If you’ve done all this and still find evidence of a pest invasion, give us a call at 403-262-1666 and we’ll help you make this year a pest-free one!