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5 Misconceptions About Pest Control

There can be a lot of misinformation surrounding pest control, what works or doesn’t work, and a lot of this can come from a bad experience with an inexperienced pest removal company or a friend’s poor experience. Many of the misconceptions around pest control can actually make the infestation so much worse! Here are the 5 misconceptions about pest control we want you to know about!

DIY and Off The Shelf Solutions Work Just As Well

If this was true, there wouldn’t be a need for pest control services. Though these methods can absolutely help combat an infestation, they shouldn’t be the only method used in pest control. It might feel more convenient to just grab the mouse traps or the bed bug spray off the shelf, but the quality and efficiency of these products aren’t promised like a pest control service is. We’re not saying you shouldn’t use the sprays and other DIY concoctions, but make sure you’re doing it safely in addition to having a professional do an inspection.

Only Dirty Homes Get Pests

This is a bald-faced lie as an immaculate, fully-staffed mansion can still have pests. A messy home may have more places for the pests to hide and may offer more food options which will make them stay longer, but it doesn’t matter how clean your home is, it’s not impervious to pests. Critters and creepy crawlers are looking for food, shelter and water and they can find all three in our homes. Removing possible entry points and sealing cracks and holes is the best way to prevent pests from coming inside.

Pest Control is Only Needed if the Case is Severe

Here’s the thing, if you’ve seen a mouse or a roach, you likely have a much bigger pest problem than you know. Out of sight out of mind doesn’t work when it comes to pests because they can multiply so quickly and turn a small issue into a massive ordeal. They can often be living alongside you for months before you notice them. This isn’t to scare you, but inspections are a necessary part of keeping your home running, just like you’d tune up your car to keep it roadworthy.

Cheese is a Mouse’s Favourite Food

Cartoons have misled us since childhood. Of course, a mouse will eat cheese if it finds it, but luring a mouse into a trap to relocate it won’t work as well as you think if you load it with cheese. Mice will look for something sweeter or higher in protein, such as peanut butter, but bacon fat or other animal fat is one of the best lures. If you’re going to use a mouse trap, make sure it’s an instant kill trap or a catch-and-release – glue traps are inhumane and should never be used.

Pest Control isn’t Effective

Pest control won’t be effective if it’s used as a quick fix. Once treatments have been applied, an understanding of the invading pest is needed to keep a pest-free home. The thing many people forget about pest control is it’s an ongoing process and is rarely, if ever, a one-and-done deal. Proper maintenance and multiple treatments will be required to keep the pests at bay, so make friends with your pest control experts because you’ll likely need our help more than once!

Prevention is the best form of protection against pests and the more thorough you are, the better the protection. Investigate your foundation, repair weather stripping and ensure your utility hookups aren’t providing an easy entry into your home. Pests are a part of life, but they don’t have to be what keeps you up at night. If you have questions or you’re looking to book an inspection, get in touch with us at 403.262.1666 today!