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Pest Related Diseases and Illness

Household pests don’t just cause mayhem around homes and businesses – they also carry viruses and bacteria that pose significant health risks to humans.  Dealing with a pest infestation as soon as possible not only protects your premises – but protects the health of family pets and humans.

Pests and Diseases

In our previous blogs we’ve spoken about the dangers of Hantavirus – a virus that is found in the urine, saliva and droppings of infected Deer Mice.  This virus can develop in humans to become Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) – a potentially lethal infection.  Hantavirus is contracted when an individual comes in contact with a mouse’s airborne body secretions – which commonly happens when a pile of droppings are disturbed, releasing virus loaded pathogens in to the air.  Finding a pile of mouse poo in the garage, crawlspace or garden shed may seem like an easy clean-up, but stopping and taking precautions is required and calling a Calgary Pest Control team for a controlled clean-up is recommended.  And if the risk of contracting the Hantavirus wasn’t bad enough – Mice are Salmonella carriers and can quickly spread the disease by coming in contact with human food.  Keeping countertops clear of left-overs and storing food in glass or plastic containers will help prevent the spread of salmonella.

House Flies Leave a Calling Card

One Man and a Lady Bug is a Calgary Pest Control Company – who focuses on providing environmentally friendly solutions to handle common household pest issues.  Explaining that it isn’t just the larger, furrier pests that carry diseases – smaller pests like the house-fly can cause big health concerns.  Flies are major transmitters of E. Coli, Dysentery, Salmonella and Tapeworms.  Always hovering over food and scavenging off sticky kitchen surfaces – flies can quickly transfer pathogens from their legs and saliva to human food.   Controlling flies around your home or work-place by avoiding leaving food out for them to lay eggs on is an essential step in detracting unwanted pests.  Rotting garbage and open trash bins are a big draw to flies, so making sure garbage is deposed of quickly and is well secured will prevent swarms of flies from hovering around your home.  Keeping trash bins away from windows and doors will help stop flies entering premises.

There are many pest related diseases and illnesses that can be easily transmitted to humans, so preventing and controlling infestations is essential.

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