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Troubled by Termites?

Termites are considered ancient insects that play an important role in helping to process dead plant material.  The downside to this important role is that termites aren’t fitted with a scanner that alerts them to the difference between fallen, diseased wood, and the wood in your house.  When it comes to eating through wood they’re not going to stop and consider the source.

Calgary Pest Control and Termites

The biggest issue in detecting termite activity is that it doesn’t tend to show until significant damage has been caused – signalling home owners to that fact that there is a colony present in their house.  Calgary Pest Control experts at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that termites are referred to as a ‘silent destroyer’ due to the fact that there are no early signs of activity or damage – termites work behind the scenes, destroying cellulose-based materials – making housing framework, furniture and books all prime targets for these small but mighty insects.

Termites Live in Colonies

Subterranean Termites live underground and require moisture for their survival. They form elaborate, humidity proof, mud tunnels that enable them to come to the surface to look for food.  Their mud tunnels can run up walls and across beams – and are often found in crawl spaces.  Dry Wood Termites create a home within the wood they are eating and survive above ground with very little moisture.  Dry Wood Termites are found burrowed in to furniture and encased in walls.

Common Signs of Termites

Some signs that indicate you have Termites are:

  • Wood that sounds hollow when knocked
  • Mud tunnels (tubes) on exterior or interior walls
  • Bubbled effect on baseboards and drywall
  • Swarms of Termites around windows – especially in the spring and after heavy rainfall
  • Piles of wings along window sills on inside or outside of house

Like all Pest Control tips – prevention is key to keeping Termites away from your home:

  • Controlling moisture is key to keeping termites away – so make sure any crawl space and foundation is kept dry
  • Keep food sources away from your home – this means moving wood piles and firewood away from decks and walls
  • Seal openings around pipes and block gaps in foundation etc.
  • Keep wood mulch away from your foundation and trim back shrubs so they don’t touch your home
  • If you have a love of old furniture, make sure you check it for signs of termites before bringing it inside your home


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