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Spring Tree Care

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We Albertans know that the weather is unpredictable and can be snowing one day and plus fifteen degrees the next. Though we expect it, sometimes the trees and plant life are taken off guard. That’s why it’s important to establish a spring care routine for your trees, to help them weather anything! Here are five easy steps to ensuring your trees are well cared for this spring!

  1. Examine your shrubs and trees. Most issues trees and shrubs will encounter will reflect in a big way visually, whether it’s pests, disease or winter damage. Make sure you get to know the trees and plant life on your property so it’s easy to tell right away if something is awry. 
  2. Pruning! When done at the right time, pruning can be one of the most beneficial practices for a tree as it prepares for spring growth. Prune any damaged, weakened or dead and dying branches as well as any branches that could potentially be dangerous or cause problems. Arborists strongly recommend pruning in early spring as pruning new growth can leave the tree much more susceptible to pests and diseases. 
  3. Fertilizing! Winter leaves the soil with fewer nutrients and minerals and that’s why it’s important to fertilize your trees to help boost them into spring with better nutrition. Feeding your trees encourages healthy growth and gives them the nutrients they need to prosper and protect themselves against pests and disease!
  4. Mulching! Mulching enhances the quality of the soil and keeps it fertilized and moist, the perfect combination to equal a happy tree. Adding two to four inches of mulch around your trees in early spring, especially newly planted or young trees, also prevents weeds from invading their space!
  5. Planting new trees. The best time to plant new trees is in the spring, giving them the opportunity to establish their root systems before winter comes again. Whether you’re looking to add some shade or wind protection to your property or you just really want an orchard of crabapple trees, make sure you know what you’re planting before you start. The last thing you want is a yard full of trees with invasive roots! 

Once you’ve checked off your list, you’ll know you’ve done your trees good by giving them the protection, the nutrients and the best quality of life you can offer. Caring for our trees doesn’t have to be difficult and can even save you money on summer air conditioning costs if you plant strategically! If you’ve encountered something new with your trees, either pest or disease, give us a call at 403.262.1666. We want the best for your trees this spring!