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Common Hiding Places for Bugs

Common Hiding Places for Bugs - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary - Featured Image

There’s one dinner guest we never invite but is always trying to make an appearance. We’re talking about bugs! Roaches, beetles, and any critter with more than four legs are always trying to find shelter and oftentimes they try in our homes and offices! Here are the most common places to find bugs and what to do when you discover they’ve shacked up with you!

Check Underneath

Pests are looking for a dark, quiet place to start their little bug families and what better space to do so than underneath our appliances? Ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and anywhere else warm and near food are where you should check first! Look for evidence of insect activity, such as feces, a foul smell or even the insects themselves. Include underneath the bathroom sink and laundry facilities in your investigations as these rooms are warm and offer both shelter and water! Another habitat to look out for is underneath piles of clutter, such as newspapers or clothes. Pests aren’t picky, clutter makes a perfect home!


Insects don’t like getting caught out in the open, which is why they’ll often maneuver through a room around the outside. This is also why they like to make homes in cracks of baseboards, crevices in the corners and even underneath the floors if they can find a way in. If you catch a roach scurrying along the baseboards, you can make your own DIY non-toxic insecticide out of dish soap and water. Spray that mixture directly onto the pest and dispose of them with a paper towel.

Around the Outside

They’ll look for cracks and crannies on the outside of our homes too! Do a thorough check of your home or office building’s foundation, looking for cracks or other holes that may offer an access point. If the openings are smaller than a dime, you can go ahead and fill them with caulking. But if you’re worried about a rodent infestation too, make sure you invest in some steel or copper wool to fill the larger holes as these materials will keep out a nibbling mouse! Clutter in your yard is another place pests will hideout, such as wood or brush piles, and debris should be kept to a minimum to help deter pests!

Pests are always looking for a good place to hide, so make sure you stay vigilant as the weather begins to warm. These pests are coming out of the woodwork to find food and while you can spray that dish soap and water mix right on the little buggers to your heart’s content, that may not fix the root of the issue. Give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’ll be happy to help you devise a pest protection plan!