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Spiders in Calgary – What To Do and Who To Call

Spiders often get a bad rap.  Used in thrillers to scare movie-goers and always portrayed as the baddy in children’s books – spiders just can’t seem to get any respect – especially when it’s summertime in Calgary.  Calgary Pest Management team – One Man and a Ladybug – are inundated with calls from avid gardeners who have to deal with an influx of spiders during growing seasonBut what’s wrong with sharing your yard with a few eight-legged friends? – after all they are contributing to the health of your plants and soil – and can be really useful when it comes to getting rid of mosquitos and wasps.  So before you go running, screaming, or squashing some unsuspecting spider; acknowledge that they play a really important role in your yards eco-system and should be handled with care.

Spiders in Calgary are a normal sight – especially now that warmer months have us spending more time outdoors in our yards and gardens.  The most common Spiders to see in Calgary are the house spider, wolf spider, cellar spider, fishing spider, and less seen black widow Spider.   Discovered in gardens, garages, sheds, and basements – Canadian spiders are actually quite harmless and are more scared of you than you of them.  Even the scary named black widow spider tends to avoid human contact, scuttling away when disturbed, and only biting to defend itself – and even with up to eight eyes – Spiders aren’t the bad guys that some people would have you believe, but in fact act as natural pest control agents.

Because Spiders help control unwanted garden pests like wasps, mosquitos, and aphids – their extermination should only be done after consulting an experienced Pest Management Company in Calgary.  Over treating the presence of spiders alters the natural balance of pests, and can lead to your yard being over-run by less helpful critters.  One Man and a Ladybug is a Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Company that is available to conduct onsite evaluations of all pest concerns.  Providing environmentally friendly solutions to all your residential, business, and landscape pest issues – this Calgary Extermination Company is trusted by many.

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