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Are Ants Wrecking Your Summer?

Calgary Pest Control Experts – One Man and a Ladybug – get a lot of calls at this time of year regarding ant activity in yards and homes. Why are ants a summertime nuisance? Well interestingly ants and bears have something in common – and it’s not their size. Both species spend the winter months hibernating – waiting to emerge during warmer, sunnier months, looking for food and water to ease the pangs of winter hunger. The drier and hotter a summer the more ant activity you can suspect to see – especially hovering around your house, hunting out food and water sources.

An Ant Infestation in your home is hard to get rid of due to soldier ants amazing drive to survive – and the sheer number of ants that can claim squatters’ rights in your house or business. Ants love to hang around kitchens and bathrooms, as both rooms supply everything they need – food and water. Greasy stove-tops, sticky counters, and lingering crumbs in corners and in cupboards are all welcoming cards to hungry ants searching for sustenance. Kitchen hygiene – or lack of – has a huge impact in attracting ant activity. Keeping counter-tops clean and removing forgotten spilled packages of oatmeal and hot chocolate powder from the backs of cupboards is essential if you’re hoping to prevent or eradicate an ant infestation.

Once a food source has been found – the soldier or ‘scout’ ants leave a pheromone trail to alert other ants to the food source. If you’ve ever watched a perfectly formed line of ants marching across your floor or wall – they are probably being guided by a purposefully left trail that is intended to lead them to sustenance. And if you’re thinking that ants aren’t able to carry a broken crust of bread – think again. Ants are able to carry objects 50 times their body weight – enabling them to make light work of harvesting left-overs on your floors and kitchen counters. And once they’ve found food they’re not going to give it up anytime soon – as Ants gorge themselves during the spring and summer months – ready to sleep off any indigestion over the winter.

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This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+