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Signs You Need Commercial Pest Control

Of course, we take preventative measures against pests in our homes, but what about our offices and places of business? A pest infestation can be costly, thoroughly damage your reputation and can even be dangerous if not handled correctly. It’s important to catch the presence of pests as quickly as possible in order to minimize an infestation’s destruction and catching it early means it’s much easier to deal with the issue discreetly. Here are the signs that you’re in need of commercial pest control!

Property damage. Rodents and insects can wreak havoc on commercial buildings and property and the signs can vary from glaringly obvious to minuscule. Gnawing and scratch marks on wooden furniture, walls, carpets, baseboards and many other surfaces can indicate a rodent infestation. Mice will also go after upholstery and paper when looking for nesting materials. If you spot holes in the structure of the building or in the floors or walls, some creepy crawlies might be trying to make homes there.

Droppings. If you find evidence of droppings or urine trails, you’ve definitely got a pest issue that will need addressing. Rodent feces will be easier to spot than insect waste, which can show up as grease or smear marks, a dusty substance, dark flakes that can resemble coffee or black pepper or small, black clusters. It’s important to really examine the areas you’ve found droppings or suspect pest waste, particularly in hospitality industries!

Nesting evidence. If you’ve already encountered a few telltale signs of pests, it’s best to start looking for any potential nests. Pests will search out areas where they have easy access to food and water and most importantly, a quiet, out-the-way location. Rodents will collect paper, bits of fabric, cardboard and other softer materials for their nests and insects will find dark corners to lay eggs or create egg sacs.

The pest itself. Coming face to face with the pest, either just around the building or when you first turn on the lights, means you’ve got a potential problem on your hands. Where one pest doesn’t necessarily spell infestation, it can definitely indicate there are more pests lurking out of sight. Don’t think that ignoring one or two pests will make them go away – they’ll definitely take advantage of having unsupervised, full access to your business. When you see a pest, that’s the time to call for help!

Pests in your place of business can be devastating on several fronts and what it truly comes down to is the safety of you, your employees and your customers. We know how important a safe workplace is to you and the people that pass through your business every day and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing safe, efficient pest control to get you back to business in no time! If you think you require commercial pest control or you’d like to schedule a pest inspection, give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’d be happy to help you!