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Winter Pest Control Tips

The cold weather and shorter days mean we’re getting closer to the holidays, but it also means we’re in prime pest season. Rodents and insects will be looking for somewhere warm and cozy to spend the holidays and you definitely don’t want to have pests present at any festive dinners! Make sure that pest prevention is part of your winter preparations and you won’t have to worry about those unwanted guests crashing any of your festivities. Here are a few tips to keep the pests at bay this winter!

Keep up with being clean!
You might not want to vacuum weekly, but keeping a crumb-free home will help keep the pests outside. Empty your garbage frequently, try not to leave stacks of dishes in the sink and don’t leave pizza boxes and leftovers out overnight to remove temptations. Tidying your home of crumbs and spills will make your home less appetizing as just a few bites of leftover toast or food bits on the floor can be a feast for pests. Wipe up anything sticky on counters and other surfaces as soon as they happen and use a vinegar and water solution to wipe down those surfaces when you can. Vinegar is an excellent deterrent to most pests!

Store your food properly!
When we say “store your food properly” we mean in airtight or sealable containers. Cereals, rice, flour, sugar and so many other pantry items that we don’t think of storing in sealed containers are free game for pests. Put all your dry items in airtight containers and keep them up off the floor. Don’t forget to store your pet food this way too!

Know the signs!
Recognizing evidence of pests is the best way to keep a vigilant eye on your home or office. Watch for droppings and not just rodent droppings, though those will be the easiest to spot. Roaches leave behind a flaky looking waste that can resemble ground black pepper or coffee and grease or smear marks can be confirmation of pest activity. Look for gnawing or scratch marks around the foundation as well as on furniture, floors and walls.

Schedule a Pest Inspection!
Get ahead of those pesky pests and schedule a pest inspection to make sure you’re keeping your home safe! There’s no shame in needing extra help and we encourage you to seek out the professionals that know exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to winter pests. It might seem like saving money and time by going the DIY route, but save yourself a headache and a lot of extra money by bringing in the experts to ensure your home is a pest-free zone!

Pest control and inspections shouldn’t stop just because it’s not summertime anymore. We tend to think that pests are most active in the summer, and many of them are, but pests are always looking for food, shelter and water. Make sure your home isn’t enticing by keeping up with these winter pest control tips and scheduling a pest inspection for both your home and your office!