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Regularly Scheduled Inspections: How to Keep Your Business Pest Free

Regularly Scheduled Inspections: How to Keep Your Business Pest Free - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

You work hard to take care of your home, why would you not do the same for your work environment? Pests will attempt to move in wherever they find an opportunity, which can include under your desk! If you’re more inclined to spend your workday with your co-workers instead of something that scurries, here’s a few reasons why it’s a good idea to book regular pest inspections.


They might sneak in without you realizing, and by the time you notice it could be too late for anything other than damage control. If you don’t know what to look for when it comes to pests, there’s no shame in contacting the professionals. One Man and a Lady Bug technicians are trained to scope out those hiding places that bugs and rodents love. To do a little research on your own before we roll in, check the staff kitchen for things like uncovered snacks and sugar.


Store all food products and beverages in sealed containers! Regular upkeep of the office is an effective strategy against pest invasion and this can include daily tidying such as vacuuming and emptying garbages. If there’s less reason for a pest to scurry indoors, such as possible food sources or extra cozy shelter underneath that stack of memos, they won’t be nearly as keen to welcome themselves in.


Our technicians will also help you find the cracks and crevices that a sneaky rodent or creepy crawly will find inviting. The corners of the office that have much less foot traffic can be problematic because while they’re tucked out of the way, pests can multiply quickly before they’re detected. To help further prevent pests from making themselves comfortable in these areas, our team always recommends organization and cleanliness as well as performing your own routine visual inspection. While our technicians might be trained to pick out the signs right away, if you notice something out of the ordinary we’ll be able to help you combat any pest problem that much sooner!

Regardless of where your office is located or what you do for work, it’s not fun to share your workspace with a pest. If you take the time to take pest control seriously, your chances of an invasion dwindle. With regularly scheduled professional inspections, it’ll be safe for you to say that your office is pest free! Get in touch with us today!