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Cockroaches – What You Need To Know About These Critters

Scampering the globe for more than 350 million years; Cockroaches are one of the oldest ‘pests’ known to man.  Sensitive to all forms of light – apart from the red spectrum – this nocturnal critter is undoubtedly one of the most despised and feared common pest.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination experts at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that though cockroaches are typically associated with warm, moist environments, and are abundant in tropical climates, they have also be documented in both the North and South Pole, making any environment or location potentially habitable.  But what attracts these critters in the first place?  Food – and they aren’t too picky whether it’s gourmet or a two week-old sandwich.  Rotten food, smelly food or last night’s supper – it’s all fair game to a cockroach.  Interestingly; even though food may be its biggest lure, it can survive without a morsel of food for over a month – thriving on just a few drops of water once a week.  And if food isn’t readily available to these bacteria transporters – a little wallpaper paste, paint or grease will do the trick.

Keeping Cockroaches out of Your Home and Business

Cockroaches don’t just hit-up the messy homes in town.  They will gladly seek refuge in the most pristine of environments – as long as it provides food, water and shelter.  Being able to slither in to an opening that is just one-sixteenth of an inch – torn screens, warped doors and cracked window frames are flashing welcome signs – and once inside they are happy to hide-out in wall crevices, behind pictures and under sinks.  But what can you do to prevent cockroaches eyeing up your home in the first place?  Keeping your home clutter and odor free is essential.  Cockroaches are attracted to piles of paper, so taking out the recycling regularly and removing stacks of cardboard boxes is recommended.  Removing the fruit bowl and breadbasket from counters and placing food in airtight containers is also needed – as any food left out will provide the sustenance these pests are looking for.  Keeping stoves squeaky clean is a big part of detracting cockroaches – as old baked-on food and grease can appear too good to pass-up.

Call a Calgary Pest Control Team

Calgary Pest Control teams are equipped to handle cockroach infestations – and can provide guidance in preventing further pest issues.  If you are concerned with pest activity in your home or business – Contact One Man and a Lady Bug today 403.262.1666