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Pest Control to Keep You Busy

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Some Calgarians have suddenly come into a lot of extra time that we can use in whatever way suits us. For a lot of creative types, this means learning new skills or new ways to do things. This can also apply to how you protect your home from pests. If you’re looking for some new skills to master, here’s a few you can try in the world of pest control!

Roaches, Ants & Spiders

They’ll crawl right under your front door and into your home if you let them. Roaches, ants and spiders will enter the home through cracks and entry points we might not even be considering. First things first, you need to do a thorough check of your home. Get ready to get on your hands and knees and crawl underneath the deck and into crawl spaces! This includes examining your dryer vent and air vents, your gutters, your roof, every window, every door and the entire perimeter of your home. 

If you have some spare caulking, fill in the spaces between the siding and the trim of your home. Check that rooflines and dormers are sealed or use expanding foam where necessary. Clear branches that hang over or touch your roof as this acts as a bug bridge. Properly insulate and seal wiring and utilities as this is another easy entry. In the case of ants and spiders, mix peppermint oil and water and spray this around baseboards and door frames as this is a natural deterrent. Cockroaches love cardboard and paper bags and will happily start a colony in your paper recycle. Make sure to add “taking in the recycling” to your list of to-dos!


We all know how much mice love being dinner guests. While outside on your trek against insects, be sure to fill any holes larger than a pencil with steel or copper wool. Mice won’t chew through this and they can squeeze through openings as small as a pencil’s circumference! Mousetraps are the most humane way to deal with mice as it’s a much quicker end than poisons or glue traps. When setting them up, place them against the walls two at a time to cover both directions as mice like to stick to the perimeter of a room due to their poor eyesight. And while mice are agile and can avoid a trap by jumping over it, they’d have to be an Olympic-trained mouse to clear two! 

Another deterrent is white vinegar, which coincidentally also makes an excellent disinfectant. Using vinegar as a cleaning solution will kill germs, repel most household pests and is non-toxic! If you prefer non-toxic combatants, that same peppermint oil that works on spiders and ants also fends off mice. Spray the mixture in areas that you know will be high volume, such as under appliances, near entry points and along baseboards. As a bonus, it also makes your home smell fresh! 

It goes without saying that keeping food sources to a minimum will play a big part in keeping pests out of your home. Be a stickler about cleanliness and taking out the trash and you’ll give pests less of an excuse to invade! If you’d still like to know more about how you can control pests at home, don’t be afraid to give us a call at 403-262-1666. We’ll help you find a solution!