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Mice Control in Calgary

Though warmer temperatures are upon us – Calgary is still dealing with mice and rodent infestations.  Exterminators in Calgary are kept busy through the winter and early spring addressing mice control and the subsequent damage they inflict on home and businesses.  

Not satisfied to eat through boxes of food in pantries and cupboards – mice also view walls, baseboards, electrical wire, and clothing as sources of food – and will literally gnaw through anything to get shelter and sustenance.  These lithe, slithery little rodents can squeeze in to spaces smaller than a pencil eraser and their teeth are capable of gnawing through wood, aluminum, mortar and asphalt.  Carriers of diseases; mice and mice droppings should be handled carefully to avoid contamination of food and water – and precautions should be taken to ensure that any areas that have had mice activity are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination experts are well trained in dealing with Mice Infestations – and should be the first people you call to deal with the presence of mice in your home or office building.  Calgary Pest Control Experts – One Man and a Lady Bug – explain that mice usually enter a building at ground level through natural cracks and holes that occur as a building settles and ages.  Broken drain covers, cracked concrete, and damaged door frames all provide easy access for mice to enter a building – and once in these critters soon take over a place in their hunt for food and water.

Extermination Experts in Calgary will quickly assess a buildings weak spots and make recommendations for sealing up entry points that Mice take advantage of.  Noting that Mice are survival driven and will form nests behind drywall, in attics, basement piping, and vents – Pest Management teams are able to strategically place bait and traps that address even the most resistant of Mice Infestations.  Though tempting to handle an infestation of Mice yourself – their sneaky nature and disease ridden bodies require the attention of a Calgary Pest Management Company who will ensure that the infestation is handled in a manner that is safe for humans and pets.  If you’ve noticed some mouse droppings in or around your home of business – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today – 403.262.1666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+