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Calgary Pest Control – Voles Impacting Calgary Homes

Our previous blogs have addressed the annoyances of mice and bed bugs – but right now there’s a new kid in town who’s causing quite a stir – the common Vole.  Voles are mouse-like rodents who are also referred to as meadow mice.  Active both during the day and night; these compact, short-tailed pests that are grey to chestnut brown in color (depending on the species) have being prompting homeowners to contact Calgary Pest Control Services for help in removing these destructive creatures.

Unlike mice, Voles tend not to invade homes, but spend their time making numerous shallow burrows in lawns and other vegetative areas.  They can literally destroy a yard by creating an extensive burrow system and by gnawing on tree bark and roots and feeding off grasses, plants and bulbs.  Early spring, when snow is finally melting from Calgary yards, can be a very revealing time – as pest activity that has gone on during the winter months becomes all too visible in the warmer weather.

One Man and a Lady Bug is a Calgary Pest Management company that is equipped to address the damage that Voles and Mice inflict in and outside property.  Focusing on arming homeowners with preventative steps that will deter rodents from their property – this Pest Control team also responds to rodent infestations in and around Calgary and the resulting property and landscape invasionVoles have three main objectives in life – to reproduce, to eat as much vegetation as possible, and to stay out of predators’ way.  This life goal adds up to a whole lot of trouble for homeowners dealing with a Vole infestation – as lawns, shrubbery, tall grasses and mulch, quickly become the victims of a Vole’s lifetime pursuits.  Early action is required to both control and rid a yard of Vole activity – turning to a Calgary Extermination Company is the first line of defense in dealing with these stealthy creatures.

Calgary’s top Extermination and Pest Control Company – One Man and a Lady Bug – is on hand to assist you will critters, pests, and bugs – call today to book a pest evaluation and to take advantage of monthly specials – 403.262.1666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+