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Landscape Pest Control in Calgary

Calgary Pest Control Companies are busy year-round treating the numerous pests that destroy not only household tranquility, but landscape beauty.  Pest Control in Calgary isn’t just about handling the annoying uninvited house guest like mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, and spiders; pest control also addresses the effects that bugs have on landscaping.

Tree spraying in Calgary, to control unwelcome pests, is a service that One Man and a Ladybug Pest Management Company provide to keep trees remaining healthy and looking their best year round.  Common diseases that pests cause to trees in Calgary are:

Cottony Ash Psyllid
Ash Leaf Corn Roller
Elm Scale
Satin Moth
Yellow-Headed Spruce Sawfly

Cottony Ash Psyllid is a pest native to Central Europe that was found in Saskatchewan in 2006 on black and mancana ash. Infamous for causing infestations in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Alberta this small, yellowish-green pest can wreak havoc on vulnerable trees.  Because of their highly camouflaged presence – they often go undetected until the characteristic ‘curling’ of leaves reveals their infestation.  Telltale signs that a black or mancana ash tree is infected with psyllids are browning, yellowing, and curling of the leavesDetection of this pest is hard, and may only be diagnosed by the curling of leaves – so contact a Calgary Pest Management Firm as soon as possible to minimize the spread of this pesky pest.

Who (or what) shrunk you impressive ash tree?  This is a question that many homeowners in Calgary ask themselves as summer progresses – and the answer is – the annoying pest known as leaf-cone caterpillar. The leaves of an ash tree are normally large and often plenty of shade throughout the summer months.  Unfortunately, once this pest takes residence leaves that were once lush and vast become a mere slip of their former selves.  Not particularly fussy about which species of ash tree this caterpillar inhabits – the signs of an infestation are the familiar triangular shape the caterpillar roles the leaf in to – staying inside feeding.  Just like all pest infestations in Calgary – you don’t know they are there until you see the signs – so make sure you contact a Pest Control Company in Calgary as soon as you think your trees are playing host to some unwelcome pests.  One Man and a Ladybug is a Calgary Pest Management Company that specializes in tree spraying – using environmentally conscious materials – call today 403.262.1666

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This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+