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How to Handle a Wasp Infestation in Calgary

Wasps in Calgary are a typical sight during the summer.  And just like other common pests; wasps play a key role in nature by eating aphids – a worker wasp can collect over a 100 aphids a day for larvae to feed on. Though it’s agreed that wasps are not all bad, and provide huge benefits to gardeners by keeping other pests under control, pollinating flowers, keeping lawns looking good, and helping to oxygenate the air – it’s also no secret that for most of us wasps can be a real annoyance at times and are able to put a stinger in to summer time activities.  Calgary Pest Control & Extermination companyOne Man and a Ladybug – provide the necessary service of wasp control and offer some advice on what action should be taken if you are experiencing a wasp infestation in Calgary.

Pest Control – as with all things in life – requires establishing a delicate balance of control but not complete eradication of a pest.  Turning to a professional Pest Control company is the first step in the diagnosing and treatment of any household or commercial pest concern.  One Man and a Ladybug provides environmentally conscious solutions for both structural and landscaping pest issues.  This Calgary Pest Management company explains that in the summertime wasp control is one of their most requested services and that early intervention is vital for successful management of this insect.  With different species of wasps sharing our Calgary homes and backyards, seeking the service of a pest control firm will establish if a solitary wasp can be left alone, or if an ever growing group of social wasps require a gentle nudge to move on.

Wasps are not active during the colder months – as the Queen is hibernating – waiting to emerge in the springtime to look for suitable nesting spots.  The Queen wasp builds a nest out of chewed wood particles that become a pulp-like substance.  Wasps build a nest for the purpose of providing shelter to their young – and though they may not always chose the most ideal location – a wasp’s nest doesn’t always mean trouble.  However, if you have a nest outside a high traffic door or in your yard that is frequently used by pets and children – a wasp’s nest can become a constant nuisance that requires attention as approximately 1% of the population is allergic to wasp and bee stings – with 50 to 100 deaths occurring each yearCalgary Pest Control services recommend that you leave the removal of a wasps nest to the professionals, as it’s when disturbing the nest wasps display aggressive behaviour that can result in multiple stings to humans.  Unlike a bee that dies after using its sting – wasps are able to sting multiple times.

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination services understand how these sometimes helpful insects can quickly dampen the spirits of a backyard party, so encourage home and business owners to contact them regarding diagnosis of all pest concerns.  One Man and a Ladybug provides 24 hour service to address pest issues – call today 403.262.1666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+